Descended from the largest private library of esoteric historicism in the world, the Institute of Magical Historicity is a private, membership based, academic think tank. We use our unique resources and expertise to research the numinous, however it appears.

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Alchemical Research Lab Concludes Coronavirus Not an Occult Phenomenon

| Blog, Infinite Scroll | 222 Comments
Prague  - After weeks of intense scrutiny, a team of meta-epidemiologists at the Emperor Rudolf II Academy of Alchemy have determined that the coronavirus (Covid-19) is not supernatural in origin.  Rather, it is an entirely natural, even mundane, phenomenon. “This was what we suspected at the beginning,” said Dr. Stanislaw Havel.  “This was an investigation driven more by public concern…

Civically Minded For-Profit Tech Startup To Revamp Iowa Primary Process With Numerology App

| Blog, Infinite Scroll | 60 Comments
Des Moine, Iowa - After the chaos of the 2020 Democratic Presidential Primary, the Iowa Democratic Party (IDP) has committed to streamline its process for future contests.  Where Silicon Valley tech failed, could numerology be the answer? “There has been a great deal of criticism about how things went down this year.” says Iowa Democratic Party Chair Troy Price.  “Some…

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