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Finnegans Wake Revisited – As A Cascading Fractal Dynamic

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The literary world was not turned on its head in 2015 when scientists at the Institute of Nuclear Physics in Poland ran a mathematical analysis of James Joyce’s Finnegans Wake, and discovered that the book – which to most observers is composed of nonsense sentences filled with pidgeon words – represents a near perfect series of cascading multi-fractal patterns.   Yet…

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Music Review:  Goetia Profundium, “Magna Visitationis”

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Label:  Self-Released, December 2019 Reviewer:  Chester Lipscomb  Goetia Profundium’s debut E.P. comes as something as a surprise.  The trio, consisting of Jessica Concepción (Guitars), Geoff Strom (Drums, Percussion), and Ed Goodall (Synths, Vocals, Guitars, Bass), made some ripples a few years back as students, where they became principal members of the Institute’s Subterranean Orchestra in the mid-aughts.  But not much…

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Review: “Resuscitating The Lifeworld: Habermas’s Critique Of Rationalization And The Ritual Path Back To Psycho-Social Unification” by Bayrick Henzel

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Publisher:  Institute Of Magical Historicity Press Review:  Sean Chibbler      In the beginning of the 1980’s, Jurgen Habermas published his magisterial two volume treatise “The Theory of Communicative Action” to a world increasingly riven in its legitimation structures and multi-polar epistemic/normative fragmentation.  This effort ran conspicuously against the grain of social theoretic thinking at the time, largely characterized by…

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