Amulet of Diverse Hegemonies


Meta-analysis of replicable studies conducted since the 1917 Tzara Turn have showed a continued reduction in the efficacy of traditional blessing paraphernalia – sometimes up to a shocking 30%.

These amulets, developed as part of an interdisciplinary collaboration across institute researchers and sites, and prepared by staff Threshold Designer Allison Brown, are specifically designed to utilize Jamesian Empiricism to render traditional blessing fetishes efficacious again.

Each is uniquely constructed, offers a unique post-modern blessing, and comes with a Certificate of Historicity detailing its preparation and origins. Available in limited editions, while supplies last.

This specific piece is the Amulet of Diverse Hegemonies, and bestows upon its wearer the ability to perceive alternative worldviews not ordinarily visible from one’s received discourse.

(Price includes shipping in the U.S., additional shipping charges will apply for international or unusual orders. Each items is hand crafted and unique, and so may not appear identical to the picture shown. Supplies are limited and orders may be delayed if additional creation time is required after supplies have run out.)

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