Story Powered Shrines




An exploration of psychomagical reification by Institute President Benjamin Wachs and Iconographic Preservationist Laurelle Hafen, these shrines are each built around an original story, which is contained within.  That story Рlike all stories of sufficient potency Рalters the world around it, changing it to reflect the words written on sacred paper.

But what precisely the shrine does with this power, the way it alters the world, is up to you, the owner. ¬†Upon reading the story and following the instructions provided with the shrine, you will be able to determine whether the shrine’s power is used to make your life more like the story, or to protect you from the elements you find within – whether it will attract, or repel, the people and insights you have read about.

Each shrine, and each story, is unique and hand crafted, part of a limited edition.

(Price includes shipping in the U.S., additional shipping charges will apply for international or unusual orders. Each items is hand crafted and unique, and so may not appear identical to the picture shown. Supplies are limited and orders may be delayed if additional creation time is required after supplies have run out.)

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