Alchemical Research Lab Concludes Coronavirus Not an Occult Phenomenon

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Prague  - After weeks of intense scrutiny, a team of meta-epidemiologists at the Emperor Rudolf II Academy of Alchemy have determined that the coronavirus (Covid-19) is not supernatural in origin.  Rather, it is an entirely natural, even mundane, phenomenon. “This was what we suspected at the beginning,” said Dr. Stanislaw Havel.  “This was an investigation driven more by public concern…

Civically Minded For-Profit Tech Startup To Revamp Iowa Primary Process With Numerology App

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Des Moine, Iowa - After the chaos of the 2020 Democratic Presidential Primary, the Iowa Democratic Party (IDP) has committed to streamline its process for future contests.  Where Silicon Valley tech failed, could numerology be the answer? “There has been a great deal of criticism about how things went down this year.” says Iowa Democratic Party Chair Troy Price.  “Some…

Rumors Of A Philosopher’s Cult Involved In Australian Wildfires

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New South Wales, Australia - As the seemingly unquenchable conflagration has seared its way across the vast expanse of Australia since June of 2019, eyewitness accounts have pointed to the strange presence of red-robed men and women silently holding vigil near firefighting operational centers. Since the emergency began, dozens of people have been charged by the NSW police for intentionally…

Sightings Of Spectral Apertures Mystify Local Residents

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Albany, NY-  “It’s like a vein of blue light in the wall,” says 62 year old Vanda Lehman.  “I saw it out of the corner of my eye after I heard the whisper, then I turned to look at it and it was just...gone.” Reports similar to Vanda’s have been trickling in over the past few months, largely within the…

Report – “There Goes The Ley-borhood.”

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New York, New York 06/01/2019 By Kendrick Sadaka For generations the Vodu practicing residents of the Bridlemile community in the West Hills of Portland have lived a charmed life. Practically undisturbed since the end of Reconstruction, this community has seen remarkable stability in its way of life and has prospered in the way the America Dream suggests one might with…

Shovels Hit Dirt On The Adamic Society’s “Exit Breath Museum”

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MINNEAPOLIS, MN -  A modest, yet energetic crowd attended last Monday’s groundbreaking ceremony for the Exit Breath Museum, situated on the east side of the city.  It is the first of its kind in the country, capping off a sometimes fraught multi-year planning and zoning process that many in the area have been following with interest. The museum, a commission…

New Elon Musk Funded Startup to Crowdsource the Blood of Young Virgins

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SAN FRANCISCO – Nos4atu, an Elon Musk backed start-up dedicated to crowdsourcing the blood of the young to extend the life of its rich clients, has raised over $400 million of Round A venture capital funding, according to documents filed with the Securities Exchange Commission. This gives the fledgling startup nearly a billion dollars on hand. The buzz around the…

Madam Tasca to Dine Among Us

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San Franciscans prepare to rejoice and tremble as their wishes may be granted

Deadly Nightshade Garden on Roof of Coit Tower Blooms Six Years Early

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Experts say the early arrival is a cause for celebration, but often a prelude to assassination among San Francisco’s political leadership.